Samantha Bee’s An Accidental Sci-Fi Killing Machine In Her New ‘Full Frontal’ Promo

We’re all doing a fantastic job waiting for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee to pop up on TBS this February, and now there’s a Force-adjacent promo to help tide us over until arrives. Yay us!

Wrapping itself in a Star Wars style universe that’s just different enough for budget/legal purposes, the clip announces that “the wait is over” and “a new warrior joins the battle.” Our new warrior (Daily Show vet Samantha Bee) introduces herself with a friendly smile and an uncanny talent for accidentally murdering cantina dwellers over the course of this sub-two-minute advert. If you want an unintentional instrument of sci-fi death, give this basic cable host a ring.

“Anyway, if you like smart edgy satire about world events then you’re gonna love my new show,” gushes Samantha as some poor spaceazoid writhes its way into death.

Speaking of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, the show (which was originally due for a January premiere) now has its own Twitter handle. THAT MEANS IT’S REAL, PEOPLE! The account has only posted a trio of tweets including this first rate quip.

See you in 2016, Samantha.

(Via Splitsider)