Samantha Bee Sent Larry Wilmore A Tasty, Alcoholic Going Away Gift On ‘The Nightly Show’

It’s a very odd week for The Nightly Show. As was reported on Monday, Comedy Central decided to cancel The Daily Show spin-off and Colbert Report replacement due to low ratings and a lack of trending segments that would catch on with a digital audience. Larry Wilmore dealt with the news on Monday night’s show, dealing with it by proclaiming racism to be over and attempting to have the best show possible.

Tuesday’s show went a little different, mostly thanks to a nice gift from fellow Daily Show alum and current Full Frontal host Samantha Bee. She and the fine folks over on basic cable decided to send a gift that you’d want to send anybody that just got canned: a load of free wine.

Sure a bunch of Thunderbird or some real booze might be better, but I think Wilmore and company will land on their feet somewhere. As someone who has watched pretty every episode of Nightly since it started, it’s not a bad show. But there is definitely some changes rumbling over at Comedy Central, which was likely the writing on the wall.

So instead of trying to go over Donald Trump or focus on new subjects, Wilmore is dedicating the week to the best segments the show has done over its run. This includes Wilmore’s interview with several gang members at a Double T Diner during the Baltimore riots and a look at food deserts in New Jersey. Really top notch stuff.

(Via The Nightly Show)