Samantha Bee’s TBS Show Has A Title And A Ballsy New Promo

Samantha Bee’s show is definitely starting to take shape — we know she’s going to be pretty no-holds-barred about being a woman amongst an all-male late-night lineup, and now she has a title that will remind us of just that: Full Frontal with Samantha Bee is the official title of the former Daily Show correspondent’s upcoming show on TBS. Here is the latest promo, just released on Twitter today:

So, we have a host, we have a title, and we know it’s going to be a satirical take on news and current events, which makes it sound like it’s in the vein of The Colbert Report without making Samantha Bee a full-on ideological caricature. It’s even possible that Bee could be doing her own show as her “correspondent character,” which was certainly as satirical as it was “female as f*ck.”

That would be pretty amazing, considering how awesome Bee was as a correspondent during her very lengthy tenure at The Daily Show. She is also an improv genius, so the thought of her doing live interviews with people as a means of getting them to admit insane truths is super exciting. A few of her best moments were highlighted when she bid her old gig farewell in May:

There is no premiere date for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee yet, but you can bet your 10-pound ladyballs that you can find out about it here.

Source: Samantha Bee/Twitter