Samantha Bee And Stephen Colbert Come Up With Some Late Night ‘Lady Euphemisms’

On Monday, Samantha Bee will become the only woman hosting a late-night talk show when Full Frontal premieres on TBS. Although female comedians such as Joan Rivers and Chelsea Handler have made their mark on the genre over the years, late night has far too long been a boy’s club. Bee demonstrated this fact to Stephen Colbert Thursday night by pointing out all of the times he refers to the male genitalia in one form or another.

Because two can play at this game, Colbert and Bee read aloud a list of prepared “lady euphemisms,” or, “euphemisms that a female comedian can use to refer to her bathing suit area” as Colbert so delicately explains. Examples include: “lady garden,” “department of the interior,” “velour bouncy castle,” “hurt locker,” and “tavern on the green.” I like that last one. Classy!

When it comes down to it, these are all great, but Samantha Bee has already demonstrated that she can go just as hard as the guys can, so we think she’ll do just fine, euphemisms or not.