Samantha Bee Turned the Ladies of Late Night Into Ripped Centaurs To Celebrate Some New Arrivals

In 2015, Vanity Fair tweeted out a photo from its feature celebrating the hosts of late-night comedy.

No, that’s not a promo shot from an upcoming Mad Men spinoff. That’s a photo of every late-night host at the time. It was decidedly dudely, with Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher flanking a collection of hosts that included Conan O’Brien, Trevor Noah, and others. In Vanity Fair‘s defense, they were displaying a sad late-night truth: it’s been a man’s world for far too long. Full Frontal with Samantha Bee had not begun airing yet, but Bee responded with the truth-to-power wit we’ve always loved about her–and some glistening pectorals.

Flash forward to present day. While the late-night game is still largely a sea of mostly very white guys (RIP, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore) progress is being made thanks to some recent developments. Chelsea Handler’s Chelsea premiered on Netflix in 2016, and last week gave us with Robin Thede’s The Rundown on BET and Sarah Silverman’s I Love You, America on Hulu.

And Bee honored this shift the only way she truly could: with more sexy horsepeople.

She also made everyone matching “Nasty” jackets.

We welcome our new late-night overlords. With or without hooves.