Samantha Bee Visited A Refugee Camp To Prove That Syrian Refugees Aren’t So Scary

On Monday’s second episode of the already stellar Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (read our review here, if you’re not caught up yet), Bee introduced a segment called “The People We’re Incoherently Yelling About.” Being that one of the biggest talking points in the 2016 Republican primary is Syrian refugees — more specifically, that we need to keep them as far from our borders as possible — Bee decided to actually visit a Syrian refugee camp to see what these people are all about.

Not surprisingly, the Syrian refugees spoke with were generally just normal people trying to live their lives, people who also hate ISIS and harbor no ill-feelings toward America.

But wait, what if hypothetically, a few of these otherwise peaceful people actually were wolves in sheep’s clothing waiting to “Trojan Horse” (as the GOP puts it) into America? What then? Well, Bee also took the time to speak with an employee with Jordan’s International Organization for Migration, who said that Syrian refugees are put through the highest level of security screenings of any other immigrants, and requires a lengthy, stringent process.

Furthermore, most of the cases they see are women, minors, orphans, widows, and LGBT refugees — as in, the people least likely to be terrorists. Yet, these are the same people targeted by politicians.

On next week’s episode, Bee will continue her investigation by helping prepare one of the select groups of Syrian refugees coming to America for assimilation. Hopefully she tells them to stay away from Fox News.

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