Did Samsung Just Produce The Worst Technology Commercial Of All Time?

We’ve already run through the best commercials of 2013. Now, courtesy of Samsung, here’s a late contender for worst commercial of the year. Maybe the worst technology commercial of all time.

Creepy. Cheesy. Bizarre. Unrealistic. Horribly acted. This spot for the Galaxy Gear — one of the earliest entries into the soon-to-be-crowded smartwatch field, but the only one that magically makes you capable of reeling in the ladies, because what was really holding you back was definitely that phone in your hand — is the worst part of every inferior commercial you’ve ever seen, rolled into one. And it just gets worse the longer you watch it.

If you’re like me, you need to watch Don Draper knock his Kodak Carousel pitch out of the park just to negate some of the bad advertising stink this ad left lingering in your brain. So here you go:

[H/T Daring Fireball]