Samuel L. Jackson Still Knows His ‘Pulp Fiction’ Speech By Heart

Yesterday we shared Kiera Knightley’s sexy time with Samuel L. Jackson, but that wasn’t all from this week’s Graham Norton. Seems that Jackson got put on the spot a bit and was asked to recite his memorable Ezekiel 25:17 speech from Pulp Fiction.

Of course Jackson still knows it by heart (or he can pick it up quickly when someone brings it up in the green room) and he gives a top notch version for the audience to hear. Sure, it lacks the gusto of the one from the movie, but there isn’t exactly someone who needs some good fear knocked into them.

Just look at his face though. I would watch out the next time the pizza man shows up at the front door of the Jackson residence. I the only tip you’d be getting is “run.”

(Via BBC)