‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Are Emotional After These Characters Finally Reunited

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams are best friends (and carpool karaoke partners) in real life. But on Game of Thrones, where they play the Stark siblings, Sansa and Arya, they haven’t shared a scene together since season one. That was over six years ago. But during tonight’s episode, “The Spoils of War,” the Assassin Formerly Known as No One finally came back to Winterfell.

She’s a lot different than the last time Sansa saw her. And vice versa.

Arya: pretended to be a boy; checked out Gendry; worked as Tywin’s cupbearer; befriended Jaqen H’ghar; cavorted with the Brotherhood Without Banners and The Hound; barely escaped the Red Wedding; killed a bunch of people; traveled to Braavos; lived in the House of Black and White; went blind; became No One; and learned parkour and how to bake a human pie.

Sansa: tortured by Joffrey; engaged to Tyrion; resided in King’s Landing when she learned what happened to her mother and brother; raped by Ramsay on her wedding night; and continues to listen to Littlefinger. We’ll have a lot more about Petyr Baelish and his relationship to Arya and Sansa in Alan Sepinwall’s recap later tonight and tomorrow morning in our discussion.

But for now, let’s rejoice in the Stark sisters being (momentarily) happy.