Sophie Turner Really Wants Sansa To Die On ‘Game Of Thrones’

We already know that Sansa, played by Ryan Gosling’s biggest fan Sophie Turner, won’t die this season on Game of Thrones. She said as much at the Oscars, telling E! that “I’m like flicking through [the scripts] and I’m like death, death, death, death, I’m good for this season!” Unless that’s what she wants us to think, because Turner would really like Sansa to die eventually.

The X-Men star told the Wall Street Journal‘s Cafe that she doesn’t “want to survive… If you’re on Game of Thrones and you don’t have a cool death scene, then what’s the point?” She makes a good point. Not dying on Game of Thrones is like going to Wendy’s and not ordering the spicy chicken sandwich.

Turner also said that season six is about Sansa “taking charge and being a leader rather than just a pawn in someone else’s game… she’s really gonna thrive this season,” which brings us back to the whole wanting-to-die thing. If Sansa does kick the bucket, I hope Turner is given the send-off she deserves. First, she gets to slowly, methodically murder Ramsay; after putting his head on a pike, and throwing Joffrey’s corpse through the Moon Door, Sansa dies of happiness, and is reunited with Lady in one of the Seven Heavens.

They’re saving that for season seven.

(via the Wall Street Journal)