Netflix’s ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ Season 2 Trailer Is Here In All Of Its Ridiculously Gory Glory

Drew Barrymore remains adorably undead in the official trailer for season 2 of Santa Clarita Diet. Exciting news for fans of joke-heavy splatstick, not so exciting news for folks that would prefer not to be eaten by the star of Home Fries. (Bit of a grey area for Armin Meiwes enthusiasts, I suppose.)

Tumbling out not too far removed from the Victor Fresco horror-comedy’s Netflix return date, the trailer has Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant still in the quagmire of being of being lovably dorky suburban real estate agents with a terrible flesh-eating secret they have to navigate alongside their savvy daughter (played by Liv Dawson) with the titular diet invading every aspect of their lives. This go-around, it seems like the body count’s rising and ditto the number of diners on human flesh. Look! Here’s Drew Barrymore enjoying a snack right now.


To be fair, those gold hoop earrings pair fantastically with a messy big-ass heart.

In addition to the promise of more humans being devoured for yuks and/or yucks, season 2 also features your standard booster pack of new guest stars. Joel McHale, Maggie Lawson and Gerald McRaney will all pop by in some capacity when the new season drops in full on March 23. Prep your Instant Pot (or just plain regular pot) accordingly.