‘The Santa Clarita Diet’ Has A Hilariously Gross New Trailer

Last week, the rather dark premise of Drew Barrymore’s Netflix sitcom The Santa Clarita Diet escaped the bag. What sounded like a typical family sitcom starring an American sweetheart was instead a gory black comedy about a real estate agent who becomes a zombie and whose insatiable desire for fresh meat puts the various denizens of the California suburbs on the menu. And just in case that concept didn’t quite sink in, here’s the hilariously gross first trailers.

Unsurprisingly, Victor Fresco is tackling the horrible bland world of diet ads here, as Barrymore explains the premise as eating jerks being the key to losing weight and feeling great! And then there’s Timothy Olyphant’s “testimonial,” where just what happens a jerk hassling ducks at the park gets covered with a convenient voiceover.

One of Fresco’s comedic talents is taking apart the world of content marketing and corporate communications: Better Off Ted featured a string of ads from Veridian Dynamics that couched its creepy cyberpunk dystopia in soft bed music and soothing stock footage. And that’s on full display here: The white backgrounds, cheery music, you could be forgiven for thinking this was the YouTube ad and not the trailer for a few seconds. The Santa Clarita Diet will be arriving February 3rd on Netflix.

(via YouTube)