Santa Fe Spent $50,000 For ‘The Bachelor’ To Misspell The City’s Name

The Bachelor goes to New Mexico

Last night’s episode of the 473rd season of ABC’s beloved dating “reality” series The Bachelor featured blue collar hunkster Chris Soules taking the lovely Megan to beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. While that kind of news, by itself, would only be important for episode recaps, it was quite significant for Santa Fe city councilor Ron Trujillo, who has been very concerned about the city spending $50,000 to bring the series to town. “$50,000 is not chump change,” Trujillo told KRQE News 13 last month, after the city’s tourism group was able to convince the movers and shakers that it was money well spent, because “15 to 16 million people” would watch The Bachelor and see for themselves how lovely Santa Fe really is.

Then some funny things happened in last night’s episode, and Trujillo and other residents of Santa Fe are not laughing at all. Not only had Megan never been to Santa Fe before, but she wasn’t even aware that New Mexico is a part of the United States. Even worse than that was the fact that The Bachelor spelled the city’s name wrong.

In addition to that mistake, KRQE reports, Trujillo is upset that the show traveled outside of Santa Fe and featured cities that didn’t fork over $50K for the attention.

Trujillo was also disappointed when he learned “The Bachelor” would feature the Balloon Fiesta and other cities of New Mexico that didn’t pay to be featured. “The Bachelor” cast and crew also stayed at Buffalo Thunder Resort which is in Pojoaque, not Santa Fe. (Via KRQE)

Well, look at the bright side, Santa Fe, at least people will soon be flocking to your beautiful beaches.