Sarah Michelle Gellar Plays ‘F*ck, Marry, Kill’ With Her ‘Buffy’ Leading Men

Sarah Michelle Gellar stopped by the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse on Tuesday night following the big Buffy the Vampire Slayer 20th anniversary reunion, where a call-in viewer put her in a bit of an uncomfortable position by asking her to play “Marry, Shag, Kill” with her Buffy leading men: Angel, Spike, and Xander. Obviously, Buffy and Xander never dated, even if he did have a crush on her for the first few seasons (and whatever you want to call this scene in season two’s “When She Was Bad”). However if the question was amended to include Buffy’s actual onscreen romance Riley it would be pretty much a no brainer since everybody wanted to kill Riley.

“I mean I guess marry Angel but can you really marry the undead?” she asked host Andy Cohen. (Yes! It’s just a game!) “So marry Angel, um, shag Spike, obviously … But I don’t wanna kill Xander though!” When informed the rules of the game, Gellar shot back, “I don’t have to do anything, you can’t make me!” Well, she is the Slayer after all.

Gellar also explained to another call-in listener why Anthony Stewart head was absent from the Buffy reunion, which he also revealed on Twitter shortly after the story came out.

As for Eliza Dushku’s absence, Gellar sums it up to so many people being involved that it was hard to get everybody. Because if that was the case, why not invite Jonathan, Andrew, Harmony, and Drusilla as well. Gotta cut a reunion off somewhere.