Sarah Michelle Gellar And Olay Spoof Horror Movies In A ‘Killer Skin’ Super Bowl Ad

The Super Bowl ads are an annual celebration of commercials that people want to watch, and this year is no exception. This Olay ad may not have featured a Buffy reunion, but Sarah Michelle Gellar as the main attraction is the next best thing while spoofing horror movies for the skincare brand. Everyone can have “killer skin,” it seems, which appears to be much more important than surviving while a masked villain is afoot. Moisturize, people!

Indeed, Gellar has already revealed that she’s not part of Joss Whedon’s Buffy reboot, but this ad does make history as the first advertisement from Olay to run during the Super Bowl. An effort to capture the attention of female sports fans, if you will. And here’s a :06 video that Olay also whipped up that shows Gellar in the Olay Super Bowl suite while masking with the masked villain.

Other Super Bowl commercials from the evening include Adam Levine and John Legend doing Pampers duty, Steve Carrell failing to impersonate Cardi B and Lil Jon for Pepsi, and The Dude and Carrie Bradshaw enjoying a beer together. Adam Scott and 2 Chainz teamed up for Expensify, and the evening’s not over yet. There’s still halftime, and more ads, and oh yes, the game itself.