Sarah Palin’s New Reality TV Show — ‘Amazing America’ — Is Predictably Beyond Parody

03.18.14 96 Comments

The first 10 seconds of this 30 second trailer for big-haired Alaskan squawkbox Sarah Palin’s new reality TV show, Amazing America, manages to include all of the following:

1. Our uber-patriotic hero/host with an electronic American flag draped all around her saying “Get red, wild and blue, America.”

2. Palin being pulled on a sled by dogs.

3. Guns being fired.

4. Camo-colored golf cart races.

5. Palin saying, “This show is going to highlight the freedom we get to experience in America.”

In other words, Amazing America simply cannot be parodied because it’s a parody of itself.

Trixie Klondyke’s new show premieres April 3rd on something called the Sportsman Channel.

(Via EW)

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