‘The Daily Show’ Tries To Make Sense Of Sarah Palin’s Return With Donald Trump

01.21.16 2 years ago 2 Comments

*Movie Trailer Voice* In a world where a loud billionaire vies for the Seat of Ultimate Power, one woman stands behind him – bolstering his bid to make “America Great Again.” This strong siren of the cold north was unable to finish her only elected position in government, insinuates that the current president pulling troops out of enemy territory is somehow to blame for her son’s PTSD, and cares not about accurate geography. She is the greatest weapon in Donald Trump’s devastating arsenal. She is – Sarah Palin.

No one is sure how or why Sarah Palin is back in the mix of presidential politics. Many would think that she would go away, back to Alaska to host a new reality show, or help out with the grandchildren. But no, Palin is a sought after political endorsement, a strategic move for a man who is playing checkers and not chess with his run at the highest office in the U.S. government. “King me!” The Donald shouts from his skyscraper, unaware that he’s playing Calvinball while everyone else sticks to the rulebook.

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