Sarah Palin Took A Break From Her Reality Show To Play Pretend Politician On 'The Tonight Show'

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04.03.14 19 Comments

Sarah Palin, whose reality show Amazing America is so beyond parody that its ridiculousness is topped only by its own theme song, stopped by The Tonight Show to do a little back-and-forth with Jimmy Fallon (as Vladimir Putin) last night. When we first got wind of her appearance, we hoped it would be Tina Fey playing the role. But nope, there she is. Thanks again, John McCain!

Anyway, she gives Vlad some silly tough talk and gets a few decent one-liners in there. Inevitably and infuriatingly, way too many people will eat this up. So let’s go ahead and add another chapter to Sarah Palin’s Guide To Personal Success Through American Politics. Put it right after “How To Quit Your Job Serving The People So You Have More Time To Criticize Those Who Don’t Quit Their Jobs Serving The People” and make sure the pages are laminated for easy drool removal.

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