Sarah Paulson Is Bringing The Real Marcia Clark As Her Date To The Emmys

Sarah Paulson is more than likely going to win an Emmy for her powerful portrayal of Marcia Clark in American Crime Story: The People Vs OJ Simpson. So as a nice gesture (and maybe a thank you in advance for being such great source material?) Paulson is now taking Clark as her plus one to the Emmys in a few weeks. Access Hollywood confirmed that Paulson invited Clark and that the two will be going to the ceremony together, where Marcia will get the chance to at least celebrate Sarah’s nomination if not a win as well. The actress has been nominated every year for the last half a decade, so it’s about time she took home a decoration for her mantle (I just assume all rich people have a mantle).

About the invitation, Clark commented,

“I was incredibly honored that Sarah asked me to go with her to the Emmys. It will be my privilege to be there to cheer her on.”

Some may be surprised that Paulson won’t be walking the red carpet with her girlfriend, fellow actress Holland Taylor. Which is ridiculous, because if Holland Taylor wants to go to the Emmys she will get her own gosh darn invitation because she is HOLLAND. TAYLOR. and nobody turns Holland Taylor away from a classy awards show if she wants to be there. Nobody! Of course, Taylor may very well want to enjoy Paulson’s presumed win from the comforts of her own home. Those ceremonies are long and it’s much easier to wrap yourself in a quilt and drink an entire bottle of wine on your couch than it is in the ballroom. It’s not impossible to do that in the Emmys ballroom, but maybe a little bit frowned upon.

If Paulson somehow doesn’t win this year, in all probability she’ll have just as much of a chance the next go-round as she has been cast as Geraldine Page in the first season of Ryan Murphy’s latest anthology series Feud. To top this year’s Emmys she will have to figure out a way to bring Geraldine Page’s stylish ghost with her to the ceremony.

(via TIME)