Sarah Silverman Debuts A Hilarious Faux Trailer Making Fun Of Her Award Deficiency

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Shiny prizes like the Academy Award, the Golden Globe and the CableACE Award aren’t just great to have in your home for when you’re feeling like stroking your ego in front of friends and family, it turns out that they’re also essential for not having a movie voiceover guy give you a raw deal in a trailer. It’s a scenario Sarah Silverman understands far too well.

Silverman popped by Late Night with Seth Meyers this week and found time to debut the trailer for her new prestigious star-studded legal drama Under Oath. (Don’t go looking for the movie, it doesn’t exist.) This faux preview picks apart poor Sarah’s lack of crowding in her trophy case while boasting about the Academy Award wins of this spoof’s “co-stars.” It doesn’t take long for the slights to mutate into full-on digs is this hilarious self-effacing trailer. It’s like no one takes a SAG Award nom seriously, y’know?


In addition to showcasing that coming attraction that will never come to theaters, Silverman also addressed Drake’s Instagram proclamation of crushdom for the SNL alum. (He used WCE! He must like like her!)

“I looked at my phone and I had sixteen texts from all my young comedian friends that call me ‘mom.’ It was very cool, they were very excited,” she explained to Meyers. “And I was excited, of course. I mean, listen, he’s half Jewish, I’m sure he has a Jewish mother fantasy situation. But you know what, Sarah, don’t belittle yourself, I’m a sexual being.”

Sarah Silverman, noted sexual being, co-stars in the upcoming Lonely Island film Popstar: Never Stop Popping set for release on June 3. (There are a smidge fewer Oscar winners in that than in Under Oath.)

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