Sarah Silverman’s Emmys Press Conference Was Better Than Any Acceptance Speech

Cranston or McConaughey wasn’t the biggest question at the Emmys. It was, “What is Sarah Silverman on, and can I have some?” The obvious answer is weed, considering she proudly showed off her “liquid pot” on E!, but in a mid-ceremony press conference, Silverman clarified, “Really, guys, I’m not high.” She later said, “I like to have a nice 7-11 meal or peanut butter and jelly on toast,” before adding that her favorite Phish album is Billy Breathes and that Your Highness is better than you remember.

Talking about how she landed the role on Masters of Sex, Silverman revealed that the character had been conceived with her in mind. “F*cking the star solidified it,” she added, referring to her boyfriend, Michael Sheen.

When asked by one reporter what her mother would think of her being barefoot at the Emmys as a Jewish woman, Silverman [said], “My Jewish mom wears overalls and two different socks. But don’t tell anyone: The shoes are by Geppetto and I remember that, because not only is he the guy who made Pinocchio, but he also designed shoes during the Nazi war effort.” (Via)

See? If you have a sense of humor, even a Jew can make it in Hollywood.

Via Deadline