Gallery1988’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ Art Show Has The Perfect Decor For Your Van Down By The River

Priscilla Wilson’s New York’s Hottest Club is…

Gallery1988‘s hottest show is Is This Thing On #2 Too. Located at their new Melrose gallery since Friday, this Saturday Night Live fan art showcase was put together by former rapper Hot Karl, and it has everything. The cat version of Ryan Gosling, guys dancing in red tracksuits, sculptures of Chris Farley’s disembodied head, a guy who looks like Buckwheat from The Little Rascals singing love songs, tiny hands, the Schweddiest Balls you’ve ever seen, and enough paintings of Stefon to line the interior of your windowless party van. And what’s that? It’s art based on nearly every Saturday Night Live sketch we’ve ever loved with only a few omissions (like Colon Blow and Schmitts Gay).

Our 25 favorite works from Is This Thing On #2 Too are collected below, and each one links to the purchasing page if you want to pick up any of these before they’re sold out. Thanks to Popped Culture for the heads up.

Rob Loukotka’s We’re on a Mission from God

Ridge’s Toonces, The Driving Cat

Jason Liwag’s There’s No Beating My Balls

Bill Main’s Laser Cats

Oliver Barrett’s Suck-It-Trebek

Luke Lombardo’s The Pen Is Mightier

Blain Hefner’s Season’s Greetings From Tonto, Tarzan & Frankenstein

Jason Marz’s New York’s hottest club is UHHNNNH

“New York’s hottest club is UHHNNNH. Located in the middle of the West Side Highway, this bi-curious beach party is the creation of Italian club owner Bologna Danza, and this place has everything: split kicks, pachucos, pile after pile of expired Lunchables, a Hawaiian cleaning lady that looks like Smokey Robinson…and look who just walked in, is that Natalie Portman? No, it’s an old Irish black man that we call Murphy Brown. Plus, if you come this Sunday you’ll meet two-year-old ultimate fighter Drooly Lips Jackson. He’s got fists like little empanadas and he is my best friend.”

Munk One’s With All By Myself

Eric Price’s Motivation (acrylic on ceramic sculpture)

Cuyler Smith’s Matt Foley

Cuyler Smith’s Gene Frenkle

Oliver Barrett’s Gold Plated Diapers

Nick Comparone’s Party On, Garth

Joey Spiotto’s Schwing!

Darin Shock’s 1980-1984

Paul Palcko’s Wookin’ Pa Nub

Dave Quiggle’s Church Lady

Tara Krebs’ Superstar

Augie Pagan’s The Incredible Belushi

Dave Pryor’s Red Track Suit

Glen Brogan’s Stefon

Aaron Sechrist’s Matt Foley: The Van Down By The River

Kirk Demarais’ Self Portrait