‘SNL’s Backstage Farewell To Seth Meyers Is Just The Sweetest Damn Thing Ever

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02.19.14 12 Comments

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I hope you guys aren’t sick of people saying really nice things about the really nice men who are taking over NBC’s late night because apparently no one in the history of mankind who knows Jimmy Fallon or Seth Meyers dislikes them. Saturday Night Live posted a lengthy farewell to Meyers on YouTube, which basically entails mostly everyone that works on SNL saying goodbye, sharing a few stories about Meyers, and letting Seth know how much he has meant to them. It’s super, incredibly sweet, although where’s Aidy Bryant? Did she not have anything nice to say about Seth Meyers? (IMPOSSIBLE)

Among the highlights: Vanessa Bayer tells a sweet story about why Seth Meyers wore a particular sweatshirt to his last table read; Mike O’Brien relays a story about how Seth Meyers blew a guy on a dare (wait, what?); Beck Bryant and Kyle Mooney are really cute together; and Kenan Thompson actually sheds a tear or two.

Man, honestly: We should be so lucky to one day work for a guy half as kind as Meyers.

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