Savannah Guthrie Has Begun Anchoring ‘Today’ From Her Basement While Under Self-Quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic has affected daily life in a way that few could have ever conceived of only a few short months ago. The drastic nature of these chances can be witnessed easily by Jared Leto’s absolute surprise when he emerged from the desert after 12 days of meditation to see a completely changed world. Likewise, this year’s Big Brother contestants found out on camera about what’s been swirling since they entered the (unexpected safety of) the house. The pandemic has also taken root in New York City, which is not unanticipated, given the tight quarters experienced by the city’s residents. And on Today, Savannah Guthrie isn’t able to make it into Rockefeller Center due to self-quarantine, but she’s still making it work: from her home’s basement.

As Guthrie explained to co-host Hoda Kotb, she’s feeling some possible coronavirus symptoms, including sore throat and sniffles. As a result, she decided that it’d be best to follow CDC guidelines and do her job from home. Here’s Guthrie interviewing Surgeon General Jerome Adams while telling him that she’s “feeling well enough.” Well, she’s definitely leading by example while cities across the U.S. are implementing shutdowns in an effort to keep folks from gathering in groups.

Guthrie does look like she feels a bit under the weather, but one would be hard pressed to realize that she’s broadcasting from a basement without being informed of that switch-up. The production values look pretty good, right? The co-host has made it very known, over on Twitter, that her husband’s doing the producing and all tech-stuff, and he’s doing a bang-up job, including with those visibly bare feet.

All wishes for a speedy recovery for Guthrie, along with the many thousands of others who will feel this virus’ effects over the coming weeks and months.