Say Goodbye To Burn Notice With These Fan Tribute Videos To Michael Westen

Tonight marked the end of a long, successful run for one of USA’s most popular original shows, Burn Notice, which starred Jeffrey Donovan as a disavowed American spy named Michael Westen, who was arguably TV’s biggest PG bad ass of the last seven years. Along with Monk and Psych, Burn Notice is one of the three USA shows to have reached the 100-episode mark, but the ratings remained solid from start to finish, and I’m sure the closing numbers from tonight’s series finale will be indicative of just how popular the show and its characters were.

I watched Burn Notice regularly for the first four seasons before I started to trail off and start following other shows, and that’s not Burn Notice’s fault as much as my own short attention… haha, look at this cat! But this show had a ton of devout followers, enough that when I searched “Michael Westen tribute” on YouTube to see if there was simply one video that I could use, I was sort of speechless. People absolutely love Michael Westen, Fiona Glenanne (Gabrielle Anwar) and Sam Axe (the wonderful Bruce Campbell).

And they love these characters enough that they made the following tribute videos that have a rather consistent theme of song selections. I won’t knock anyone for their taste in tunes, but these jams are definitely not on my iPod. Either way, fans of Burn Notice can look bad fondly on the adventures of USA’s top spy, while the rest of us can be thankful that no one made a Nickelback video.