Scarlett Johansson Named Her Baby After Two Of The ‘Golden Girls’

Scarlett Johansson finally had that baby of hers, which she named “Rose Dorothy.” Okay, so while maybe she didn’t technically name her baby after Bea Arthur and Betty White’s characters on the Golden Girls, I don’t know what else any rational, level-headed person would hear when presented with those two names back to back. People reports:

Daughter Rose Dorothy was born in New York City. The baby’s middle name is an homage to Johansson’s grandmother, whom she called “the first Francophone in my family” while accepting her honorary César in Paris last February.

“Mother and daughter are doing well,” publicist Marcel Pariseau tells the Associated Press in a statement.

Just because maybe you really like the name “Ross” and your paternal grandfather’s name is “Chandler,” doesn’t mean naming your baby “Ross Chandler” is a good idea. I don’t know, maybe Scarlett Johansson would name her baby Ross Chandler if it was a boy. Scarlett Johansson probably doesn’t watch a lot of TV like us normal, mortal people.*

*Yes, I did just insinuate that Scarlett Johansson is immortal. Just roll with it.