‘Schitt’s Creek’ Is Heading To Comedy Central After Its Historic Emmy Haul

The gang from Schitt’s Creek is still riding high after an historic night at the Emmys, and now, the good news just keeps on coming for the comedy darling that won a slew of awards at the Emmys on Sunday night.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, it’s also good news for anyone who doesn’t have Netflix or was able to get the show on their cable package while it was on the air the first time. The outlet reported Monday that all six seasons of Schitt’s Creek would air on Comedy Central in October:

The move comes as no surprise as Schitt’s Creek previously aired on another ViacomCBS-owned cable network: Pop TV. The niche cable network no longer has any original programming — or dedicated executives — and is now a home for syndicated repeats. Both Pop TV and Comedy Central are part of ViacomCBS’ Entertainment & Youth Group, which is overseen by president Chris McCarthy.

The news comes on the same day Netflix announced that the sixth and final season of the show, which ran on Pop TV, would hit the streaming service a few days after Comedy Central begins airing episodes.

It’s certainly a logical landing spot for the show, which goes perfectly with all those mid-Saturday afternoon airings of Best In Show you’ve likely seen on Comedy Central while channel surfing over the years. And for those who have somehow missed the brilliance that has come and gone and been awarded lavishly for, basic cable is as good a place as any to finally meet the Rose family.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)