The Real-Life Mega-Mansion Owned By The Fictional Rose Family In ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Is For Sale In Canada

One of the most obscure pieces of Schitt’s Creek accoutrement is officially for sale, but it’s a long way from that Lego Rosebud Motel when it comes to price.

That’s right: A mansion that appeared in the pilot episode of Schitt’s Creek is for sale. Though it only appeared briefly in the pilot — the show’s opening shot, in fact — it’s the established home of the Rose family before things go haywire and they’re sent off to rural Ontario.


And according to The Wrap, in real life, it’s pretty swanky as well.

The “La Belle Maison” chateau, as the property is known, is located in St. Andrew-Windfields, one of Toronto’s wealthiest neighborhoods. Boasting 12 beds and 16 bathrooms, the three-story mansion is surrounded by landscaped gardens, a saltwater swimming pool and a heated driveway with space for up to 14 cars. Inside, the luxurious amenities include a wine cellar, aquarium, full-service elevator, indoor pool, billiards room and home theater.

Despite the architecture, the mega-mansion was actually built in Toronto in 2012 and reportedly inspired by the Palace of Versailles. And fittingly, the mansion was first listed at $11.8 million before getting relisted for nearly $16 million later in the year. Now, it’s apparently worth $17.7 million, or $21.88 million in Canadian funny money.

The home that was made famous in A Nightmare On Elm Street, meanwhile, will cost you considerably less and is a bit more practical for a normal person. But you’ll still have to be a millionaire if you want in on the real estate memorabilia train.

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