‘Schitt’s Creek’ Might Get A LEGO Set Made Of The Show’s Rosebud Motel

Schitt’s Creek has finished its run on television, so unless you’re waiting for the final season to hit Netflix, the Ontario town the Rose family calls home has run out of new episodes for you to enjoy. If you’re feeling really desperate, though, you could always make your own with the help of 1520 LEGO pieces.

LEGO’s Ideas community is full of innovative ways to make plastic bricks into convincing recreations of real world items and ideas. And some of the most interesting ideas are tributes to TV shows and movies that become impressive collectables in their own right. The Simpsons have had a number of show settings turned into sets, for example, and recently a Seinfeld set made its way into production in honor of the show’s 30th anniversary.

The latest entry in the genre is the Rosebud Motel from Schitt’s Creek, the Canadian television comedy that found a cult following in the United States and abroad and wrapped up its final season earlier in 2020. According to the LEGO Ideas site, more than 8,000 people want to see the company make a LEGO version of the iconic motel the family calls home.

LEGO Ideas

The page cleverly includes a “review” of the motel from Emir Kaplan, a show-famous hotel blogger who gave the locale a visit and found a lot to love. For a little while, at least. The set includes the front desk of the motel as well as the other two main rooms that serve as settings for the show — the twin beds or Alexis and David’s room and the elder Rose’s room featuring Moira’s wigs on the wall.

Right now, the set includes the four members of the Rose family and Stevie, but according to the gang at LEGO Ideas, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities that other minifigures from the show get made. It’s not for sale unless you do your part, though, and support the idea enough that the company makes the set a reality. It’s a great idea, and it’s also a much safer way to visit the show’s set in this current day and age. So get on on it, and make this bay-bay a reality.