Schmidt Quotes For When You Need A Little Extra Confidence

04.08.16 3 years ago

A big part of New Girl‘s success falls on the shoulders of all of its Los Angeles loft-mates, including Jessica, Nick, Winston, Coach and Cece (who might as well be a roommate at this point). But the most consistent standout throughout the show’s run has been Max Greenfield as Schmidt, the “chut-uh-ney” loving, pine furniture hating douchebag.

Schmidt clearly suffers from an overinflated ego after shedding about 100 pounds since college and adding a couple zeroes to his salary. But he has a good heart, so it’s tolerable most of the time. And whenever it isn’t, he puts $20 straight into the douchebag jar. But Schmidt wouldn’t be who he is if he wasn’t full of hubris.

Look to these Schmidt quotes the next time you need a little extra confidence in yourself. Just be sure to cut back on the Irish walking capes and kimonos.

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