Schwimmer Vs. Romano Week 3: Who Won The Week?

03.02.16 3 years ago

As we know, David Schwimmer is currently playing Robert Kardashian on FX’s The People v. O.J. Simpson. Ray Romano plays Zak Yankovich on HBO’s Vinyl, the head of promotions at a fictional record label in the early 1970s.

Each week while the shows overlap, we’ll compare (and maybe even contrast) each of these former sitcom titans’ performances so we can decide just who did a better job of making us forget about Ross Geller and Ray Barone. Let’s break down week three:

Schwimmer’s best line this week as Robert Kardashian: “I’m guessing everyone is aware their bombshell witness is a dog.”

Romano’s best line this week as Zak Yankovich: “Okay, that’s great, Captain Video. But while you’re over there in the future, I’m here in the present trying to keep the f*cking lights on.”

Winner: Romano


Schwimmer’s best moment this week as Robert Kardashian: It was a slow week for Schwimmer’s Robert Kardashian, as he seemed to be there more for moral support and knowing glances than he was there to do things. But he did get to make that “dog” joke and look overwhelmed as he entered the courtroom.

Romano’s best moment as Zak Yankovich: It was also a slow week for Zak, as his only scene comes as American Century has a meeting to discuss what bands to cut from their roster. Poor Zak looks gutted as he realizes that he is in financial ruin and the only joy he’ll ever get out of life ever again comes from the drag of a cigarette.

Winner: Tie


Best screenshot of David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian this week is the look of confusion as he tours O.J.’s newly “redecorated just for the jury” home:

Best screenshot of Ray Romano as Zak Yankovich this week is the moment Zak is sadly smoking a cigarette while he thinks about having no money:

Winner: Romano


Who won the week: Not the best of weeks for either of these two! Zak might be in financial ruin, but at least, compared to Kardashian, he still seems to be relevant around the office and has some authority over decisions. And that’s not even mentioning the satisfaction he received from a drag off of that sweet, sweet cigarette. In an upset, Ray Romano wins this week and is now up two weeks to one.

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