Scientifically Accurate Flipper Would Involve A Lot More Raunch

For those unfamiliar with useless TV trivia, Flipper is a harmless TV show about two young boys and their dolphin buddy in Florida. Being that it was filmed in the ’60s, Florida was still seen as a beautiful tropical paradise you could drive to instead of the setting for a Mad Max entry, so the show was filled with lots of antics in the sun and absolutely no discussion of what dolphins were actually like.

And that’s where ADHD comes in, because they’ve made Flipper a target of their Scientifically Accurate series of theme rewrites. While the claim that dolphins are the sexual predators of the sea isn’t entirely accurate, there are plenty of other creepy shenanigans dolphins get up to, giving this video plenty of fodder. But on the bright side, at least we won’t see a gritty remake of Flipper where an environmentalist and his dolphin buddy hunt down and murder whalers or something. Or if we are, I’m allowed to write the first draft, Hollywood.

(Via Fox ADHD)