Scientists Still Working on Smell-O-Vision For Some Reason

06.20.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

Researchers at UCSD partnered with Samsung to develop a realistic way to bring smells to your television and mobile device, thus making Smell-O-Vision technologically possible fifty years after it was first conceived.

The technology works by using a 100×100 matrix of thin metal wires that heats any one of 10,000 smell-forming aqueus [sic] solutions, allowing for 10,000 different smells. The researchers tested two different perfumes, and found that the smells were perceptible up to 30cm away. [Gizmodo]

This is a great idea for every cooking show, and a terrible idea for everything else. There are WAY too many dead bodies on my favorite shows for Smell-O-Vision to be something I’d want for my TV. “Game of Thrones” would be sixty minutes of rotting flesh and sex juices from a time before deodorant existed. Thanks but no thanks, scientists. You guys can get back to work on something important now, like curing cancer or making hoverboards.


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