Scotland’s Tourism Board Is Using Shetland Ponies In Sweaters To Lure You To Their Country

01.24.13 6 years ago 23 Comments

Shut up. Shetland ponies wearing sweaters?

The Shetland Islands are a rugged country full of shaggy cows and tiny ponies who grit their teeth against the cold winds bombing across the peat fields and the North Sea. If only those ponies had the Fair Isle sweaters worn by the locals and inevitably purchased by the intrepid travelers who come to this belligerent corner of Europe. [Huffington Post]

Shut up.

Thanks to Scotland’s tourism board at least two of those ponies, Fivla and Vitamin, are now clad appropriately for the season.

Shut up the hell up.

The sweater ponies — shockingly different than sweater puppies — were photographed for a new advertising campaign trumpeting the natural side of Scotland, the country’s organic knits and farming communities.

Seriously, shut up.

According to their people, they are sporting jumpers made by Doreen Brown of the Shetland Collection.

Oh God. This is so cute. I can’t even handle it. If I see one more picture of those two sweater ponies — especially the black one with the vicious emo bangs — I swear I will just die.


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