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groundskeeper-willie“Ya used me Glasgow!!  YA USED ME!!!

The Scottish cities of Glasgow and Aberdeen are both laying claim to Groundskeeper Willie, the famed hard-luck custodian from “The Simpsons.”  Why on Earth any town would need to boost its image by claiming that a fictional cartoon character is from there is beyond me, but I guess that’s Scotland for you.

Glasgow City Council have put Willie in their online hall of fame alongside the likes of [comedian] Billy Connolly and Lulu [???].  The city’s claim stems from a 1997 episode where he tries to woo a lady.  When he fails, he moans: “Groundskeeper Willie. Suddenly the ugliest man in Glasgow wasn’t good enough for her.”

But Aberdeen Football Club spokesman Dave McDermid has laid claim to Willie. He said: “Anyone who has watched The Simpsons in any detail over the years will know that Groundskeeper Willie is very much a fan of the Dandy Dons and always will be.” […]

In a 2003 episode ‘Scuse Me When I Miss The Sky, Willie is shown awakening from a dream about football shouting: “Go Aberdeen!” [The Sun]

So… yeah.  This isn’t really a story at all, just a quote that one of those crappy British papers tries to inflate into some kind of actual fight.  But it seemed like a good time to pass on this page of Willie .wav files (note: link has automatic sound).  It’s immensely enjoyable, and it makes me fear for the day when most people on the Internet will be too young to get Simpsons references.  I’ll probably have to commit e-seppuku when that happens.

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