Scott Aukerman Traded Places With Seth Meyers On ‘Late Night’

Senior Pop Culture Editor
07.30.14 3 Comments

Comedy Bang Bang just celebrated its 300th episode, but that’s not why Scott Aukerman was on Late Night with Seth Meyers — in fact, “podcast” might be one of the new Seven Words, along with “vlog” and “hashtag.” No, the Choctaw was there to trade places with Meyers (he’s a talk show host, too) and discuss what it was like to work with Barack Obama for Between Two Ferns, or “Two Ferns,” in Obama-speak.

It’s now the most viewed installment of the Funny or Die series, besting the 19 million views the Justin Bieber clip got. This is a relief to Aukerman, who proudly confirmed, “President Obama is more popular than Justin Bieber.” OK, but can he get him some t-shirts and college girls???

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