Scott Baio Is Still Using Politics To Defend His Controversial Comments Following Erin Moran’s Death

Scott Baio says he “jumped the gun” with his controversial comments following the passing of his Happy Days co-star Erin Moran. According to Baio, political bias is the real villain when it comes to the backlash in the wake of his “sorry if that’s cold” lecturing on Monday.

In an interview airing today on Inside Edition, Baio attempted to clarify his reaction to Moran’s death that was broadcast on L.A.’s The Bernie and Sid Show. Believing Moran’s death to be of a heroin overdose, Baio said “you do drugs or drink, you’re going to die.” (“” It was later revealed that Moran passed away as a result of stage 4 throat cancer.

“I jumped the gun, okay?” said Baio when speaking with the syndicated TV newsmagazine. “I should have known better, but I went with the information that I had.”

Naturally, social media was not happy with Baio’s commentary and critiqued the actor’s radio show commentary. Once again, Baio insists that his politics (namely his fervent Trump worship) is what the backlash really stems from. In his mind, if he were a Democrat there wouldn’t be any criticism.

“If I was a liberal Hollywood person I would have gotten a complete pass,” stressed Baio. “Because I am a conservative and a pro-Trump guy, they don’t let anything slide with me.”

Traditionally, the best route is not saying something about a person’s death that you have to walk back later, but I’ve never been 46… and Pregnant to VH1, so what do I know?

(Via Inside Edition)