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Last October, ABC announced plans to remake “V,” the creepy alien invasion story from the ’80s that spawned two miniseries and a weekly series.  And now Scott Wolf, best known (read: only known) for his role as Bailey on “Party of Five,” has been cast in the new version.  Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello breathlessly reports:

Scott Wolf has been tapped to star in ABC’s reboot of the campy ’80s drama, V, sources confirm to me exclusively.

It’s believed the Party of Five alum will play the role of Ryan, an extremely good-looking dude who’s harboring a deep, dark secret from his girlfriend.

That secret: HE’S GAY!  Oh, and a reptilian alien that’s part of a secret plot to take over Earth and harvest humans as food.  But his girlfriend will be especially devastated about the gay thing.

By the way, seeing the ridiculous crappiness of this scene 25 years after it originally freaked the hell out of me is really disappointing.  I hate to say it, but this is one series that could really benefit from the developments in special effects technology.

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