Emma Roberts Channels Taylor Swift In This ‘Scream Queens’ Parody Video For ‘Chanel-‘o-ween’

Last December, pop star Taylor Swift surprised a bunch of her fans by sending them personalized gifts which she later edited together into one full video for YouTube. The “Swiftmas” video featured the singer’s process as she gift-wrapped, packed boxes, and hand wrote holiday cards, all in the effort to give back to her adoring fans and boy did they freak the hell out. Referring to the star as “charming” and “genuine,” it truly was a holiday season to remember for these lucky girls.

And now Scream Queens’ own Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts) is aiming to one-up Swift with her own gift-giving video aptly titled, “Chanel-‘o-ween.” Here, Oberlin takes the time to pay homage to the most wonderful time of the year — I’m talking about Halloween, people — by documenting her own compilation of presents to send off to her adoring fans. Not only did her 752 Instagram followers receive Jack-O-Lantern emojis across their social networks, packages began to arrive on the doorsteps of these very lucky ladies.

And to give back to her “friendless, dumpy, Co-ed fans,” Oberlin does her part by gifting a plethora of severed body parts and razor apples to ring in the holiday cheer. Happy, uh, Halloween, or something.

(Via Ryan Murphy)