The Opening Credits For Ryan Murphy’s ‘Scream Queens’ Deliver The, Uh, Screams

It’s kind of impossible for me to not think about horror-movie legend Wes Craven when watching the brand-new credit sequence for Ryan Murphy’s upcoming horror/comedy series Scream Queens. The first season of MTV’s Scream series just wrapped up its 10-episode run on Tuesday night and, as a die-hard horror fan, the adequately formulaic finale left me wanting more. Well, it looks like the new Fox series may (emphasis on the word “may”) be just what the doctor ordered.

We’re just catching a glimpse of the bloody iceberg’s tip with the above sequence but — dare I say — the tone of the clip has got me sold. If Ryan Murphy is good at anything, though, it’s putting together an intriguing promo. While we are on the verge of checking into the new season of American Horror Story, the man looks to be broadening his TV reach with another scary — albeit silly looking — little horror romp for the small-screen.

Here, Murphy cuts together some tasty imagery which looks to be granting some campy nods to classic slasher movie tropes with the look and feel of a horror film from the ’80s. While MTV attempted to reimagine Wes Craven’s brilliant 1996 movie  —  and came up a tad short in the overall process — I may have just become fully invested in this new TV series solely through the power of a minute-and-a-half-long clip featuring a bunch of pretty people screaming their guts out. Oh, and that tasty retro-style tune playing in the background also helped. What the hell is happening here?

If anything, Scream Queens looks like it’ll be one fun little horror show. And seriously, what’s not fun about watching a masked killer picking off college students one by one? Oh, golly, what would Randy Meeks think? There are only a few weeks left to find out if it’ll truly pass the test, as Scream Queens will premiere on Fox on Sept. 22.

(Via Ryan Murphy)