Screech Throws Down In The Latest Trailer For Lifetime’s ‘Saved By The Bell’ Movie

08.18.14 9 Comments

Apparently Lifetime plans to release the entirety of The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell in tiny little increments before the full version premieres on September 1, because in addition to the extended photo shoot clip, a trailer in which Fake Mark-Paul Gosselaar calls timeout and freezes REAL TIME (not on the show — at a public appearance, like a wizard), and an exclusive clip Rolling Stone got that features Fake Lark Voorhees sitting on a roof and explaining what it means to be a Jehovah’s Witness, now we have this second trailer. And there is ACTION. Fisticuffs, motorcycles, pool parties, etc. I’m starting to think the point of this movie is to tell us that the kids from Saved by the Bell were basically living out Beverly Hills 90210.

Also, there’s a shot of Fake Dustin Diamond knocking a kid out for calling him Screech, and another of him training in a boxing gym like Rocky, which I’ve got to believe came from Real Dustin Diamond’s version of the events. Part of me hopes the whole movie is like this. Full-on pro-Screech propaganda. Like, up to and including a scene where Fake Tiffani Thiessen throws herself at him and he’s all “Sorry, babe. You and I both know I can’t get tied down. Not while I’m working undercover for the C.I.A. I can’t run the risk of blowing my cover as a television nerd while notorious Southern California jewel thief Jacques Toronto is on the loose.” That would be fun.

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