Seann William Scott Looks Back On His Role In One Of Will Ferrell’s Most Memorable ‘SNL’ Sketches

Seann William Scott was on Seth Meyers tonight and the first thing that came up was SNL (not a shock, obviously). As most will recall, Scott was the boss in a classic, break-heavy sketch featuring Will Ferrell in a pair of patriotic short shorts. It’s on the best of Will Ferrell DVD’s and usually pops up whenever you think about sketches where the cast can’t help but laugh (right next to the famous Cowbell sketch and Debbie Downer at Disneyland).

Ferrell goes all out and Scott says that his little Will and balls popped out at one point, that’s how far the man will go for a laugh. I also like his description of Ferrell’s chapped thighs from the rehearsal.

The only drawback here is I couldn’t find the actual sketch anywhere but in this buttcammed YouTube video. Yahoo Screen and Hulu have countless Will Ferrell videos, including Lucifer and Garth Brooks, but no patriotic shorts. Buncha terrorists if you ask me.

(Via Late Night)