CONFIRMED: Season 4 Of ‘American Horror Story’ Will Take Place At A Carnival

03.17.14 33 Comments

Back in January rumors abounded — as rumors will do — that the upcoming fourth season of American Horror Story would be set in a circus or a carnival or some other setting that would allow the show to parade out a series of terrifying clowns. The rumors were accompanied by “leaked” posters, like this one…

… and this “official” teaser…

… which showrunner Ryan Murphy poo-pooed in an interview with EW shortly after they all hit the Internet.

People seem to really want American Horror Story: Circus.

I saw those posters. I don’t know where people came up with that idea. Sometimes I think its people wanting us to do topics and doing fan posters. No one has completely guessed what it is.

Well, it turns out people were pretty close after all (as the “completely” in that blockquote probably was getting at) because American Horror Story writer Douglas Petrie confirmed on the Nerdist Writers Panel podcast that Season 4 will take place at a carnival. If you listen to the podcast here (around the 33:00-35:00 mark), which was recorded back in February but was just released recently, you can actually hear that the panel kind of dragged it out of him by — possibly — confusing all the rumors with an official announcement, leading him to confirm them after first saying he was sworn to secrecy. Very sneaky.

But anyway, to recap: The Internet was right. Season 4 of American Horror Story will be set at a carnival. Scary clowns are on the way. Only Carnival Dog can save us.

Source: The AV Club

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