Another Character From Season One Of ‘American Horror Story’ Is Returning To ‘Hotel’

Minor American Horror Story spoiler ahead!

American Horror Story: Hotel is shaping up to have the most connections to other seasons in the American Horror Story universe. So far, we’ve had realtor Marcy (Christine Estabrook) from season one’s Murder House appear in the premiere (only to be gruesomely killed a few episodes later), as well as the Countess showing up at the actual murder house itself to pay a visit to Charles Montgomery (Matt Ross).

Now EW is reporting that Sarah Paulson is likewise going to be reprising her role of the psychic Billie Dean from Murder House in the Hotel finale. Paulson will be the second actor this season to play more than one character, as Finn Wittrock has portrayed both ditzy model Tristan and silent film star-turned vampire, Rudolph Valentino. Whether or not Billie Dean will have a connection to Paulson’s other Hotel character Sally is unclear, but what we do know is that the character now has her own psychic reality series and will visit the the Cortez to scope it out as a possible episode location.

Well, she wouldn’t be wrong! Whether or not it’s a safe possible episode location is another story, and given what we’ve come to expect from this season, the odds of her leaving the Hotel Cortez are slim, psychic or not.

(Via EW)