Let George Costanza Be Your Relationship Guide

07.06.16 3 years ago

Most of us remember George Costanza as a “short, stocky, slow-witted, bald man” and not a playboy but most of us are wrong. Throughout nine seasons of Seinfeld, George managed to date 47 women. Clearly, he knew something that most don’t about playing the dating game — at least in terms of volume. So, if you’re stuck living a very non-George life (first of all, congratulations on all other aspects of your life) and you’re not very lucky in love, we suggest that you (cautiously) follow George’s lead and abundant near-wisdom when it makes sense for your romantic situation.

Always Make Sure You Have Hand

In “The Pez Dispenser,” George is beside himself due to his position in a new relationship. Simply put, he has no hand, meaning he feels like a subordinate to his new girlfriend. Obviously, any healthy relationship has something like a rotating hand where each side is respected and each party gets their way an equal amount. Imagine the opposite: Your significant other always picks the restaurant or makes the travel plans. You always have to do brunch with their friends while yours start thinking about putting out an Amber Alert for you.

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