Selena Gomez Burned Justin Bieber On Letterman Last Night

Now I’m not going to pretend to know much (read: anything) non-Spring Breakers related about former Disney princess Selena Gomez, and I really don’t know much more about Bieber than what can be found in Cajun Boy’s our Justin Bieber tag, which is all a roundabout way of informing you guys that I’m a grown ass man and am in no way invested in a relationship between two kid stars or how they broke up.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a minute long clip of Dave sort of pervily letting Ms. Gomez know that he’s Team Selena, only for her to land a fairly clever Bieber burn in the process. All while I’m wondering if Dave has screened Spring Breakers.

I haven’t watched the entire interview and CBS’s full episode player is the worst (you can view it here though), but I am super curious as to Letterman’s line of questioning regarding her new flick. Dave + young starlet + these GIFs seems like a recipe for a good interview.