‘Senior Replacement Correspondent’ Patrick Stewart Helps The ‘Daily Show’ Cleverly Mock The NFL Referee Dispute

09.27.12 13 Comments

I had high hopes going into last night that the Daily Show would do something to cleverly mock the uproar of the NFL’s referee dispute, and boy did they ever skew it brilliantly, bringing in Patrick Stewart — recently seen bitching about his cable provider on Twitter — to lend a hand.

The surprise of the segment came when Stewart tossed to British correspondent John Oliver, only to find none other than Sir Patrick Stewart standing in his place as the “senior replacement correspondent.” Stewart (the British one) mixed the powerful rhetoric of a Shakespearian monologue with trite phrases like “toad in the hole” and “up your bum.”

The British Stewart explained that the Daily Show correspondents have gone on strike, and are temporarily being replaced by actors like himself and Mandy Patinkin. Stewart (the American one) found one little flaw in the plan, telling the other Stewart, “you’re better than them.”

Enjoy! Here’s the first part…

And here’s the second…

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