The ‘Sense8’ Theme Music Was Created From Actual Human Brainwaves

Here’s a fun fact for those of you looking to impress others this weekend: if you know anyone watching Sense8, you should let them know that the theme song is made out of brainwaves immediately. Yeah, I know that sounds a little less exciting than screaming “Sense8’s theme song is people!” while shaking your friends, but the way that Netflix created the theme song is very  impressive. Here’s a description of the creative process via The Daily Dot:

The eight strangers whose brain waves were recorded are an echo of the show’s main cast of eight characters, each of whom discovers that they can communicate telepathically, thus setting up the plot. Straczynski and his team tracked the participants’ alpha, beta, delta, gamma, and theta brain waves as the volunteers looked at psychedelic images meant to evoke various feelings or moods.

That sounds pretty damn cool, and the symphony itself is both beautiful and eerie. You can watch the video about its creation above or listen to the actual track on Spotify. It probably isn’t the best thing to push play on when you’re going to bed, but if you need to pump yourself up for a day of bingeing the show on Netflix (it’s the weekend!), this symphony’s the way to go.

(Via The Daily Dot)