Seriously, ‘The Serial Killer Whisperer’

10.13.11 8 years ago 11 Comments

NBC has given a script order to “The Serial Killer Whisperer,” which sounds utterly ridiculous but is actually based on a true story of Tony Ciaglia, whose life after a traumatic brain injury is detailed in a new book with the same title.

The character-driven project with procedural elements will revolve around a fictional version of Ciaglia, who after suffering a traumatic brain injury that renders him incapable of judging or feeling repulsion winds up becoming a confidant to convicted serial killers. [THR]

This sounds like the CBS-iest show ever conceived, so it’s got to be a huge victory for NBC that they got their hands on it first. Obviously, we’re still a long way off from this coming to TV. The “SVU” producer in charge of this needs to write a script. Actors need to be cast. A pilot has to be shot. NBC has to like it in order to pick it up. And — most important of all — someone with a functioning frontal lobe needs to re-name this. “The Serial Killer Whisperer”? That makes “Terriers” and “Suburgatory” seem like good ideas.

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