‘Sesame Street’ Nailed A Spot-On Impersonation Of Donald Trump 10 Years Ago

The Simpsons may have predicted Donald Trump running for president in the year 2000, but, five years later in 2005, Sesame Street made a parody that is also just now becoming relevant. Of course, this was back in the heyday of The Apprentice, when Omarosa was a household name, so the segment features a garbage mogul named “Donald Grump” seeking out a helper to assist sorting through his trash. (Actually, “garbage mogul” could technically describe the real Donald Trump, as well, in a less literal sense.)

As for the similarities? Wearing a business suit and a bad orange toupee, The Grump comes out declaring: “I’m Donald Grump, and I’ve got more trash than all of you, so nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah.” He quickly fires “Omagrossa,” picks Elmo to be his helper over Oscar the Grouch, and then farts in Maria’s face, because even fake puppet Donald Trump clearly has no respect for the Hispanic community.

Spoiler alert, he eventually fires Elmo for being “too good of a helper” because he’s got his reputation to think of, which, in a nutshell, sums up Trump’s entire PR strategy. Sure, Sesame Street may not have actually predicted anything by making fun of Donald Trump’s greed, incompetence, and wig a decade ago, but we’ll take good Trump satire where we can get it.

(Via the Daily Beast)